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Live Portraits at Your Event

Live art is an unforgettable experience for your guests.
I make sure my live art matches your vibe so those unforgettable experiences don't leave anyone with an unforgettably bad day. 

First, pick a vibe.



No Color: 1-5 min/face

Color: 5-10 min/face


A cartoonish caricature. Everything exaggerated.

jellysticky 14 low res.jpg


No Color: 3-10 min/face

Color: 10+ min/face

You, but starring in a princess cartoon. Nice hair, nice smiles, sparkling eyes.



No Color: 10+ min/face

Color: 15+ min/face

A semi-realistic portrait. No smiles. Features deep eyes and bold shadows.

Then, choose the material.





Last, pick a size.

Small: 5x7" - best for single faces
Medium: 8x10" - great for couples
Large: 11x14" - ideal for big groups
or bring 'em all, and let guests choose

My paper stock is marked with "Drawn Quickly by Jensine Stickley" on the bottom. For the price of materials, I can print a personalized message, sticker, or stamp that helps commemorate the reason for your event instead of my normal watermark. I will need 3 weeks notice to produce this stock.

Here are the booking details.

Anywhere and anytime you might have guests who want a little fun and something to talk about, such as:

  • Bridal showers and baby showers

  • Parties: retirement, children's birthdays, graduations, holidays

  • Businesses: promotional events, venue entertainment, vendor events, grand openings

  • Big Gatherings: college events, church events, community block parties, family reunions

  • Celebrations: book releases, album releases

  • and more! I am open to hear your proposal. 

I don't currently book wedding receptions, but I will draw the bridal party, the bride and groom, or set up at most wedding-related events other than the reception. 

Rate: $125/hour

minimum 2 hrs
up to 5 hrs

# of Portraits:
Black + White : 8-12 faces/hour
Color: 3-6 faces/hour

Additional Services:

  • Bring paper stock with a custom message, logo, or stamp: +$75 (flat cost)

  • Record video of each portrait: +$30/hour

  • Make digital gallery of portraits: +$10/hour

  • Send host digital and printed versions of each portrait: +$100 (flat cost)

Here's what you can expect at your event.


The setup: I require one small table and three chairs. We can discuss whether I will bring them or the venue will provide them. At my station, I will have a stack of paper, drawing supplies, and a small lamp if needed. If you want time-lapse videos, I will have a camera, tripod, and an assistant. 

The atmosphere: With Portraits Drawn Quickly by Stickley, you can expect a group watching the drawing process as well as an excited queue waiting their turn. There will be giggles with the long-anticipated artwork reveals. It's the perfect icebreaker. I'm good at knowing when to pause drawing during key points of your event, so that the focus should be where it's most important. Other than an excited crowd, I will keep my space small and have minimal signage. 

Boundaries + Parameters:

(These boundaries are about my limits as an artist and not about my personal views.)

  • My portrait booth is not suitable near a dance floor. The lighting and sound are not conducive for drawing, and I may not be able to see or focus on my subject.

  • I prefer not to draw at events where alcoholic beverages are being served. I will make exceptions under certain circumstances, ie: daytime events, large vendor events, or personal connections to the event host. When we talk, I will assess whether I am a good fit for your event.

  • My booth "hours of availability" are 8 am to 9 pm. I'm a morning person, so my drawing abilities greatly decline after 9 pm. In some instances, I might consider negotiating a time outside these hours. 

  • I typically draw in timeslots of 2-5 hours. If you are planning an "all day" event, we can discuss the optimal timeslots for set up and break down or for me to take a 1 hour "recharge" break.

  • I usually will not be able to draw ALL of your guests unless you have a very limited guest count. I can draw about 3-6 colored portraits/hour and about 8-12 marker portraits/hour. We can discuss which would be optimal for the atmosphere at your event: quantity (marker) vs quality (oil pastels).

OK! Let's


Request a Booking

Exta services for event:

Got it! I'll contact you within 24 hours to discuss your booking request.

Please note: filling out this form is only a request and is the first step in the booking process.

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