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Create memories at your event with live portraits.

  • I can bring my own table and chairs if needed or use a table provided by the venue. Setup requires 3 chairs, a small table, and ample lighting. 

  • I can be booked for 2-5 hours a day, with a minimum of 2 hours

  • $125/hour as entertainment; Negotiable as a vendor.

  • Booking options are below.

Booking Details

Special Events

The event host can book my booth for $125/hour, and all artwork will be drawn at no cost to your guests. The host can choose a specific portrait style from My Menu, or they can let guests can order on a whim

Invite as a Vendor

The venue can invite me to set up my booth as a vendor.

All guests will be charged individually for portraits in any size, style, and medium I have that day.

Other Art or Design


Unless I like ya or your ideas.


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