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Book me to draw at your event!

I draw portraits live at family friendly events! I can bring my own table and chairs if needed or use a table provided by the venue. Setup requires 3 chairs, a small table, and ample lighting. 


I can be booked for 2-4 hours a day, with a minimum of 2 hours. Booking options are below.

  Booking Details  

"Buy Out" the Booth

The event host can "buy out" my booth for $125/hour, and all artwork will be drawn at no cost to your guests. The event host can choose a specific selection from My Menu, or guests can order on a whim.

Any attendees can then order additional portraits using a special discount online after the event for up to one month.

Invite as a Vendor

The venue can invite me to set up my booth as a vendor for $25/hour (negotiable), or I may consider paying regular vendor booth costs according to the nature of the event.

All guests will be charged individually for portraits and the full art menu will be available.

Professional Design

I can be hired for graphic design, printed design, or traditional art commissions.

I specialize in working with small businesses to create affordable digital or printed collateral. This includes everything from websites to business cards. Pricing varies according to the difficulty of the proposal.

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