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Hello. I'm Jensine Stickley, a Central Illinois artist.

My art is "drawn to order" and 100% organic.


The ingredients we're cooking up? Some art supplies and your face. I even offer a vegan dish. Take a look at my Art Menu and order just like you would at your favorite restaurant.

The Menu

The Menu

Black + White Cartoons

Black ink with some gray shading. Choose from idealistic cuteness or pessimistic cynicism. No in between, because things are black and white here.
(Scan and print your Black + White Cartoon for a custom coloring page!)

Oily Gourmet Portraits

Lighten up and live a little with these playful, messy works of art in oil pastels ready to frame for your parlor. Even though no one uses the word parlor anymore. 
Do you use the word parlor  daydream of bygone eras? Are you a dog or cat person?

Available at live events:

The Lamb's Supper
Can’t pay, but still want to join in on the art fun? Ask and receive a coupon for artwork of you paid for by someone else. Must be willing to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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