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Hello. I'm a Central Illinois artist who draws portraits live and through online commissions. I want to draw as many strangers and cute pets as possible.


Each sheet is priced by the minute. Any size, any style.

1) You sit. I introduce myself. 2) We discuss size, number of faces, and style while I sketch a fast reference in pencil. 3) The timer is ready... set... GO!
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60 seconds - $3 promo
3 min - $9
5 min - $15

10+ minutes break to $2/min

10 min - $20
15 min - $30
20 min - $40
30 min - $60

All taxes and material costs are included, as well as protective sheets. Colored portraits have a minimum of 10 minutes.


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8x10 Drawing.jpg
5x7 Drawing.jpg







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  • Art is 5x7" + 1/2" white border on 100lb. Matte Paper

  • Single face recommended


  • Art is 8x10" + 1/2" white border on 100lb. Matte Paper

  • Recommended 10+ minutes


  • Art is 11x14" + 1/2" white border on 100lb. Matte Paper

  • Recommended 15+ minutes and/or multiple faces.


  • Art is 3x5" + 1/4" white border on 100lb. Paper

  • Single face only

  • Only available at events

  • 60 second $3 drawing




No Color: 1-5 min/face

Color: 5-10 min/face


A cartoonish caricature. Everything exaggerated.

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No Color: 3-10 min/face

Color: 10+ min/face

You, but starring in a princess cartoon. Nice hair, nice smiles, sparkling eyes.



No Color: 10+ min/face

Color: 15+ min/face

A semi-realistic portrait. No smiles. Features deep eyes and bold shadows.

Can't decide?

We can pick together.

Portrait Mediums




roast 3.jpg


Theophilus 5x5 Art Print
Chester Dearest 5x7 Art Print
Punkin Cuties Art Print 5x7
Leaves in the Trees 5x7 Art Print
Big Cheese Lincoln Art Print 5x7
Roast Beef Lincoln Art Print 5x7
Mon Cheryl 5x5 Art Print
Ent Wife 5x7 Art Print

I now sell art prints.

Upcoming Events

Updated 5.29.24

June 1  |  Irish Days |  12p-3p

Real Family Medicine, Farmersville, FREE PORTRAITS

June 6  |  Central Park Market  |  4p-8p

Jacksonville | Food trucks, live music and handmade items from local makers around the central Illinois area!

June 22  |  POP Coloring Book Event  |  8a-2p

Three Twigs & Co, $5 black and white portraits for a local coloring book project

Booth Rules, Terms of Service, Refunds, Etc. All that fun stuff.

Group Portraits: Please keep everyone present and at attention. My service is priced by the minute. I highly recommend all members in a group portrait are ready and present during the time of drawing. You party is encouraged to watch over my shoulder and giggle while each person is being drawn! If you have a lot of people to draw, I recommend either smaller sizes or a quick, silly style. I encourage ordering online via photos rather than being drawn live for parties more than 6 people.  If you have members of your party who are not present, and there is a waiting line, I reserve the right to set aside the group drawing to wait on my queue until your party has returned. In which case, the rest of your party will wait until I have finished the portrait for the next person in line.

​Refunds: You're paying for entertainment and not the end product, so I will not refund my time. At my own discretion, I can offer vouchers, redraws, or an extra portrait in the case someone is incredibly upset.

Multiples of the Same Drawing: I will not draw the same subject back-to-back in the same style. I'm a person, not a printer! There are several reasons I will not accept this request. 1) It's very difficult (and frustrating) to attempt, because as I look at someone, my understanding of their personality and facial structure changes... making it impossible to recreate a drawing in the same quality one after another. 2) It's bad etiquette for my queue of waiting guests, who also do not want to see me draw the same sitter several times. (You're paying for entertainment!) Think of it like a professional DJ playing La Bamba three times in a row! In the event you want the same picture, I recommend scanning the drawing and printing it in your own time or choosing from my options below.

Digital Files + Recreations: I am willing to digitally recreate any portraits for an additional $20/portrait. You may order prints on your own, or I can order prints of your digital file for an additional $10/print + shipping and handling. I ensure digital and printed replications will be high quality, but they will not be exactly the same as the original in color, texture, or quality. Again, you are paying for my time more than the end result. However, I am a trained professional digital artist and a print specialist, and I do my best to make high quality prints.

Public Distribution: All portrait sitters in a public place assume my right as the artist to redistribute digital or physical recreations, videos, and portraits online as advertising or in a portfolio on social media or my personal website. However, any images or videos may be removed from my social media and personal website if requested. Names and personal information are not shared unless I have received permission from the sitter as well as the purchaser. That being said, I try my best to ask each purchaser and sitter if redistribution is permitted before sharing them online. I try my best to respect your privacy, and I am more than happy to remove images/videos when requested. On the reverse, please feel free to tag yourself if you see your portrait pop up online!

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